Biography + Band

Texas Music Hall of Famer. Austin Music Icon. Gifted and Talented Song Writer. Character. All easy to say. All hard to live up to. Kevin does.

An Austin fixture since the 90′s, Kevin–for better or for worse–can be held responsible for an entire sub genre of local and regional music. With his band Soulhat he helped turn the Black Cat Lounge on 6th Street from a biker bar into what amounts to a jam/ funk myth. And today his songs, old and new, live on, making people happy and continually inspiring other Austin musicians who’s respect Kevin holds in spades.

Prolific doesn’t even begin to describe his current musical state. One record just released, and two awaiting release, Kevin is back in full force and playing Austin and its surrounds.

Smoke Machine
Kevin’s current rhythm section. Typically if he’s not paying solo, he’s playing with these guys; Ed Jarusinsky on drums and percussion + JD Torian on bass, backing vocals, and (most importantly) smoke machine.

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